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    1. Chlorinated EVA(CEVA)

      • Description of the product

      Appearing as yellow or light yellow lumps, chlorinated EVA has good flexibility and adhesion with other materials. It is soluble in solvents such as toluene and xylene, with good solubility and fluidity at room temperature. Besides, chlorinated EVA has excellent resistance to weathering, heat and aging, chemical reaction, such as with oil, while being anti-ozone and flame retardant.

      • Product name

      Product name: Chlorinated EVA (CEVA)

      • Product application

         CEVA is mainly used in the manufacture of flame-retardant, wear-resistant heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings, high-grade adhesives, high-grade ink, and high-grade PVC film plasticizers.

      • In coatings, chlorinated EVA is widely used in ship paint, road sign paint, swimming pool paint, chemical equipment, wood decoration paint and cement paint.
      • As a linking agent, it is widely applied in such industries as those related with inks, paints, coatings and the like, particularly for composite ink, in which it can improve the adhesion of the ink to the plastic film and make the ink color brighter. Other applications of chlorinated EVA can be seen in the making of hoses, wire and cable coating materials.

      • Quality index




      Type A

      Type B

      Type C

      Chlorine Content / %




      Viscosity[(25±1)℃] / mPa?s


      Solubility [(25±1)℃]

      Clear and transparent, no insoluble matter, no layering

      Ash / %