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    1. History

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      In 2007  achieved the national invention patent via a chlorinated rubber production method, filling the domestic blank of eliminating carbon tetrachloride solvent production process;

      In 2008  won the Sponsored Project from the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises;

      In 2010  participated in drafting National Standard Committee's industry standard Chlorinated Rubber Resin;

      In October 2011  awarded as The Small and Medium-sized High-tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province;

      In 2014  won as one of the 50 outstanding enterprises in the section of new materials industry of 3th China Innovative Entreprise Competition;

      In 2015  awarded as National High-tech Enterprise;

      In August 2015  achieved another national invention patent. Extended the product domain in rubber resin material and gradually formed diversified product line.